Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1 screenshot of a flying city

If this title sounds a bit familiar, it would be because Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1 has been free on the Windows Store for a little while now as a sort of Windows 10 'exclusive offer'. As of today, however, it is also available as a free 'demo' on Steam! So if you're interested in seeing what Telltale has managed to do with Minecraft, but don't actually own Windows 10, now you finally have a chance to check it out.

And if you have no idea what Minecraft: Story mode is even all about, here's a rather stylish trailer for Episode 1 - The Order of the Stone:

Before you proceed, do bear in mind that Minecraft: Story Mode has been made with a younger audience in mind. As such, odds are you might find the writing and humor a lot less snappy when compared to Telltale's other work, but if that's something you're willing to accept then you're most likely going to have a blast seeing Minecraft from a different angle. I personally found it to be a bit too childish for my tastes, but I am a grumpy bastard, so your experience may vary. Either way, have fun!