Minecraft: Story Mode screenshot showcasing a golden city

If you ever found yourself wondering how in the world Telltale injected a story into Minecraft of all things, wonder no longer as you now have a rather easy way to find out. Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone is now available as a free download on the Xbox One and 360, iOS and Android devices, PlayStation 4 and 3, and naturally, the PC. Though unfortunately, there is a bit of a catch with the last one - its only available on the Windows Store and as such is a Windows 10 'exclusive' offer.

For those of you that require a bit more information before they dive in, here's the rather stylish and ominous trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1:


As a final note, its probably well worth mentioning that Minecraft: Story Mode has been designed from the ground up with a younger audience in mind. As such, don't expect to see a mature storyline or a zombie appear out of nowhere in order to chomp on the main character's face. However, if you're just looking to waste a couple of hours while exploring Minecraft from a completely new angle, by all means give it a look. Have fun!