Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshot of the updated Barcelona

[Update]: The Microsoft Flight Simulator series is celebrating its 40th anniversary this November alongside a big update that will add helicopters, gliders and more!

Ever since its launch, the Microsoft Flight Simulator team has been releasing frequent updates in order to further flesh out certain regions and countries. Back in January they spruced up the entirety of Australia, and now it's time for Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra to get a fresh coat of paint.

You can expect to see a variety of visual improvements based on real world data, four handcrafted airports, nearly a hundred new points of interest to explore, as well as a bunch of enhancements for major cities like Lisbon and Madrid. And just to spice things up, there's also four new discovery flights, five new landing challenges, and the usual assortment of bug fixes.

What all of these new improvements look like in action, however, that you can find out through the freshly posted trailer. Have a gander:

To check out the full list of additions, including the handcrafted points of interest, you should hop on over to the official patch notes.

Once the next big update arrives I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun with all of the new stuff, and make sure to actually download the free update from the marketplace before you start wondering why nothing looks different!