Monark artwork with the logo

[Update]: Monark has now made its way over to PC, and as expected, it's an interesting though deeply flawed game.

After being available on Japanese consoles for a couple of months now, the turn-based RPG Monark will also be heading over to PC and the west on February 22, 2022. Once it arrives it'll bring with it a world trapped under a mysterious mist of madness, a bunch of helpful yet slightly unhinged characters, as well as a whole host of bizarre demons to beat up as you attempt to remedy the situation.

What this looks like in actual gameplay, as well as what the characters themselves are like, that you can get a peek at through two of the recent trailers. Have a gander, starting with the combat focused one:

I haven't tried Monark myself so take the following with a few grains of salt, but so far it seems to be a highly divisive game - one of those you either love or hate, with very little in between. The main reason for this division is the sheer amount of combat present throughout Monark, especially between the major story missions. In other words, your enjoyment of Monark will heavily hinge on just how much you like (or at least tolerate) grinding in these types of RPGs.

Whatever your answer may be, you can learn more about Monark, as well as check out some of the player reviews once they go live, over at Steam.

Monark screenshot showing off the map

Monark screenshot showing off the battle lineup