The Anacrusis official artwork and logo

If Back 4 Blood and World War Z's recent Aftermath expansion haven't sated your thirst for Left 4 Dead inspired co-op shooters, you'll be happy to hear a brand new one is nearly upon us. That last part isn't an exaggeration either, as the retro-futuristic The Anacrusis is set to launch into Early Access within the next hour!

As you might imagine given its roots, The Anacrusis is a heavily co-op focused experience that will have you fight against hordes upon hordes of enemies whilst the 'AI Driver' does its best to provide an ever-increasing challenge. Along the way you'll also be able to acquire a variety of new gear and upgrades to help spice things up, all of which will be randomly placed around to ensure no two runs are ever the same.

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the recently posted developer preview showing off the entirety of the initial Early Access campaign. So while I wouldn't recommend watching the whole thing in order to keep the experience fresh, a couple of minutes should be more than enough to let you know if The Anacrusis is your type of game. Have a look:

According to the current plans, The Anacrusis will spend nine to twelve months in Steam's Early Access program. During its stay it'll receive a variety of updates that will add everything from new episodes to new game modes, along with the usual bug fixes and quality of life changes.

So if you're looking for a fully polished experience, you might want to wait a little while longer. On the other hand, if you want to give the developers a hand and don't mind playing a rapidly changing game, then diving into Early Access might be worth your time and effort.

For the time being, however, you can learn more about The Anacrusis, as well as check out some of the user reviews once they go live, over at Steam. Have fun!