Konami is hiring talented people to fill their Tokyo and LA offices in order to work on an upcoming new Metal Gear game

[Update]: Konami has now announced four new Silent Hill games, as well as a Silent Hill 2 inspired movie.

I won't even pretend to understand the situation here. Konami had THE guy behind Metal Gear, someone who not only spent over a decade working on the series but under his direction the games flourished. So what do you do when you have such a stable and popular series? You oust its creator, lay off or drive away a bunch of staff that worked on the series for years and then hire new people, obviously.

While that still confuses me, one thing is however clear, Konami is working on a new Metal Gear game and they are looking for talented people to help fill out their Tokyo and LA offices.

Here's what the job posting says:

Position: "NEW METAL GEAR" development staff

Qualifications: - Experience in high-end game development, planning, etc.

                            - Boundless imagination, and the capacity for exciting new ideas

                            - A strong passion toward game creation

                            - The communication skills to effectively communicate your ideas

Required for submission with application:  - Resume of past work (game or other) and/or portfolio

All these events surrounding Metal Gear really make me wish we could know what exactly went down between Kojima and Konami. Why did their long partnership end up in a prolonged passive-aggressive duel and what could've happened for Konami to decide they don't need their most successful developer while one of their biggest and most expensive games was still in production. A strange situation indeed.

As for the upcoming game, I was going to say how the idea of a Metal Gear spinoff sounds ridiculous, especially without Kojima at its head but then I remembered the extremely well done Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and I'm no longer sure if its so ridiculous after all.

Who knows, maybe all of this ends up with a happy ending. The fans get a new well-done Metal Gear game and Kojima, finally freed from his MGS shackles, goes on to create the game he's probably been dreaming about making for years now. A bit of an optimistic thought for sure but that's the sort of world I would like to live in.