Silent Hill f screenshot of the creepy mushroom girl from the trailer

After Konami's recent teaser I speculated that the big announcement would either be a remake of one of the original games or, more likely, the grand reveal of a brand new project that has supposedly been in development for quite a few years now. As it turns out, it's all of that and more!

Not only is Silent Hill 2 getting a modern remake, but there are also two new 'proper' Silent Hill games currently in development, on top of a multiplayer and streaming focused one. Oh, and if that just isn't enough Silent Hill for you, there's also a third Silent Hill movie in the works! Here's a brief rundown of what each project is all about:

Silent Hill 2 Remake

The Silent Hill 2 remake will be developed by Bloober Team with the assistance from some of the original creators like Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito. Expect to see an over-the-shoulder camera, a reworked combat system, greatly improved visuals, as well as a variety of small tweaks to help enhance the atmosphere. What this looks like in action, that you can check out in the trailer below:

Silent Hill: Townfall

Silent Hill: Townfall will be developed by No Code Studio (Observation and Stories Untold) and published by Annapurna Interactive. The gameplay details are basically nonexistent at this moment, but what I can tell you is that Silent Hill: Townfall will be a spin-off game that is going to try something a little bit different, while still keeping true to Silent Hill's roots. What exactly that means, that's something we'll have to wait a while to find out, but for now I can share with you the brief teaser:

Silent Hill f

Instead of another spin-off, Silent Hill f will be the next mainline game in the series. However, it too will be going for something a little bit different as the story will be taking place in 1960's Japan. Silent Hill f will be written by Ryūkishi07, the author of the When They Cry visual novel series, and developed by NeoBards Entertainment who worked on Resident Evil Re: Verse. Here's the trailer:

Silent Hill: Ascension

Out of the four games, Silent Hill: Ascension is by far the strangest as it's less of a classic game and more of a "interactive video streaming experience." How exactly the whole thing will work, that I'm afraid nobody outside of Konami currently knows, but judging by the trailer I'm guessing it's going to involve the viewers voting on what to do in a variety of scenarios and then watching the results play out. Either way, Silent Hill: Ascension will be joint project developed by Genvid, Bad Robot Games, Behaviour Interactive and dj2 Entertainment. Here's the teaser trailer:

Return to Silent Hill

While it's technically the third movie in the series, the upcoming Return to Silent Hill will be a movie adaptation of Silent Hill 2. It's currently still in production so there is unfortunately little footage to show off, but the good news is that Return to Silent Hill will be directed by Christopher Gans who worked on the original and surprisingly enjoyable Silent Hill movie. Here's what sort of vision he has for the movie:

I'd love to tell you more about either of the projects, but outside of a few tidbits here and there, I'm afraid that's pretty much it for right now. Once that changes and we get some proper gameplay previews, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can keep track of any teasers over at the Silent Hill website. Enjoy!