Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC release has been delayed

During the recent combat update/showcase for Kingdom Come: Deliverance I mentioned that the much anticipated medieval RPG is aiming for a summer 2016 release on the PC, with console versions to follow suit at a later date.

However, with the closed beta now in full swing the developers have come out and confirmed the rumors that the release of the PC version will be delayed. The reason why can be found in an interview Eurogamer did with PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwiling about a week ago, here's the quote:

"The idea was to release the game in the summer and then to follow up with the console versions. Right now we are still indie developers but we are in negotiations with publishers to, well, we need someone to bring the games into the shops, so we need a distributor, and he kind of wants us to synch it with the console versions. We are still in negotiations, we will see.

Best case for you will be summer this year for the PC version and then with the follow-up for consoles; or if the publisher wants us to synch it we will release everything let's say by the end of the year, so we will see about that."

While that might sound like an insult to the glorious PC master race do bear in mind that Kingdom Come: Deliverance still has a long way to go before its a fully featured and polished game so the few extra months its being delayed are not actually a negative, but rather a positive event.

But if you simply can't wait for your taste of medieval warfare you can saddle up right now and join the Kingdom Come: Deliverance beta by purchasing one of the three available packs, the cheapest of which is $50. There is currently no official release date available but its still expected for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to arrive sometime in 2016.