Kingdom Come: Deliverance a video showcase of how combat works

Warhorse Studios, the developers behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance, promised many things in their successful Kickstarter a while back and even though the idea of an open-world, realistic and choice driven medieval RPG sounds like a pipe dream they are making good progress.

In a video released today the developers showcased how exactly their combat system works, what they are focusing on and how they plan to bring realism to their duels. Here's the video:


Even though its still in early alpha I have to admit that the sword-fighting does look quite weighty, impactful and most importantly, cool. My only worry is how the difficulty will be handled because a fighter, no matter how skilled, will not be able to stand their ground against multiple opponents unless they do the classic movie henchmen routine of attacking 1 by 1. But, with Kingdom Come: Deliverance still in a technical alpha I'm sure there will be plenty of time to address the issue, if it even is one.

Secondly, I was surprised to learn that the use of real weapons doesn't result in the most realistic footage because even though they're blunted, the actors still need to hold back on their swings. Or as one of the developers hilariously put it:

"One of the problems was that we were using real weapons for the first mocap, because we were thinking that cheap props wouldn't work. But, the sword fighters were not able to hit each other with the real weapon, which is strange, because we paid them."

Kingdom Come: Deliverance mounted combat

Hint: you wouldn't want to be the guy on foot

If you would like to join the early beta of Kingdom Come: Deliverance you can grab yourself a copy on the website with the cheapest one being $50. On the other hand, if its a finished product you seek then expect to see Kingdom Come: Deliverance to appear sometime in the summer of 2016.