Kingdom Come: Deliverance combat

According to a brief forum exchange the medieval combat RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been delayed once more, this time until 2017 in order to ensure it releases as the best game it can possibly be.

While this news will leave a lot of people annoyed I can't say it was unexpected, especially since the developers were rather shaky with their "late 2016" estimate during the initial delay back in March. Here's what they had to say this time around:

"Dear Kingdom Come Deliverance community.

There was a lot of discussions about the release date during the last days, and now we want to go more into detail about the situation.

We at Warhorse Studios decided to postpone the final release date for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to achieve the quality we and our players expect. We want Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be an exceptional RPG and that requires exceptional treatment and polishing. Since the successful Kickstarter campaign, we have listened intently to the opinions of our fans and with the new language packs, we hope to get even more feedback that will help us deliver the best possible gaming experience. We believe that the result will be a great collective project and will be well worth the wait.

It’s always hard to make decisions like these and we are truly sorry if we disappointed some of our loyal fans. A new release date will be announced later this year, but is estimated for 2017. Thank you for your support."

The proper release date will be announced during this year's E3, but if you don't feel like waiting for it to finally arrive you can join the currently ongoing beta by purchasing the game via the official website.