Kingdom Come: Deliverance 1hr gameplay footage

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a medieval open-world RPG that aims to be as realistic and faithful to the era as possible, especially when it comes to the combat.

Its currently in an early beta state and some things are obviously unfinished, but as you can see in the hour-long gameplay showcase below, its development is chugging along nicely. Here's the video and a few of the things I noticed while watching it:


While I'm not going to go over the entirety of the video, simply because its so long and I have cat videos to watch, I would like to point out a few interesting things I noticed.

First of all, the landscape. I'm not sure what sort of black sorcery is afoot, but despite some of the textures being a blurry mess due to the video getting chewed up twice (first by Twitch and then by Youtube), this is one of the best depictions of a real life country environment I've seen in a very long time. Not even The Witcher 3, which is a gorgeous game, managed to nail that "small village in the middle of nowhere" feeling. If you need an example of what I'm talking about, go to around 16 minutes and watch from there.

The second thing I wanted to point out is the leveling system, which I don't believe was showcased before. How it works is that all of the major actions you do in game, such as fighting or talking, accumulate experience. Once you've managed to improve your skill enough you will become more proficient at it, and also gain the ability to chose a related perk. Its a simple system, but its one that I'm a big fan of because it always feels great seeing your skills level up as you, the player, become more proficient at them as well. The leveling system is briefly shown at 55:30.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance nighttime

You can barely see the guys on the left, but even so, that guy looks like a douchebag

My final, and not so positive remark, is that the combat is currently so clunky and stiff that it feels less like an action sequence and more like a comedy routine. With the hand motions the enemy knight was doing at 40:30 in the video I was half-expecting him to be the Black Knight from Monty Python's sketch. The developers also noted how they're not happy with the combat and how its going to change, but its one of those things that I need to point out anyway given that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that you can currently buy.

Speaking of which, if you would like to experience the development process of Kingdom Come: Deliverance first hand, you can do so by buying one of the five bundles on offer, the cheapest of which is $50.

The expected release date is for late 2016, though no specific date was given after the recent delay.