King's Quest: A Knight to Remember screenshot

If you've been itching to try King's Quest, the modern reboot of the classic Sierra adventure game series, you'll now have a chance to do as the first episode of the five part series has been declared as an appetizer, and as such is completely free.

You can grab King's Quest: A Knight to Remember on Steam, and if you're interested in the other episodes you can buy them at either $10/€10 a pop, or buy the whole batch for $25, $30 if you include the epilogue chapter. Do bear in mind, however, that only the first three episodes are currently available, the rest you will just have to wait out for now.

Here's the launch trailer for A Knight to Remember, it should hopefully give you an idea of what you're getting into:


While I haven't had the time to play it personally I did hear some lavishing praise from people whose opinions I truly respect, and since the Steam reviews are almost all positive I think its safe to say that King's Quest is a faithful reboot of the old Sierra classic. If you're into adventure games, and this includes Telltalle's work, then by all means, give King's Quest a look.

As a final note, there are rumors that the next big Steam sale will start in June, so if you're not in a desperate rush to play through all of the currently available episodes it might be prudent to wait a little while before opening your wallet.