Steam Sale artwork featuring the allmighty Gaben

According to a Reddit post with some rather compelling evidence behind it, the Steam Summer Sale is set to begin on June 23, and run until July 4.

Naturally, all of this is officially unconfirmed as of right now, but the exact same leak took place last year and it ended up being completely true, so my hunch is that this one will be as well.

The main thing that pushes me towards believing this leak is not a fake one is the simple fact that the message is in English, but all of the dates are for some reason in Russian, a bizarre little detail that makes no sense to include if you're trying to masquerade your post as an official Valve one.

Whatever the case may be, the rumored start date is relatively close to the previous one (June 11 if memory serves), so fake or not its almost guaranteed we'll have a sale on our hands at some point in June. With this warning now delivered to you, make sure to have your wallets prepared for the inevitable onslaught as those obscure $1 indie games won't buy and never-play themselves after all.