Killing Floor 2's Gorefiend enemy and new weapons

If you ever wanted to give Killing Floor 2 a try, now would be the best time to do so as the very first post-launch update has arrived. The Tropical Bash update brings with it a multi-perk weapons to further increase your customization options, a new Zed related to the Gorefast, a new tropical map by the name of Zed Landing, and a weapon simply described as "the bone crusher"... I think you can guess what that one does.

There is also a whole bunch of bug fixes and balance changes in there as well, most notably in regards to the Firebug class. All of the flame-spewing weapons have been given a damage increase in order to help new players, while some of them have also received a nerf to their splash radius in order to keep the Firebug in check on some of the higher difficulty levels. If you're interested in the full patch notes, simply head on over to Steam.

On the other hand, if you don't own Killing Floor 2 but are currently interesting in grabbing it, may I suggest checking out my review beforehand. Long story short, if you enjoy horde modes with a heavy focus on teamwork and co-operation, then you're probably going to find Killing Floor 2 to your liking. But if you found Killing Floor 1 to be a bit bland, or if horde modes only keep you entertained for so long, then you might want to look elsewhere.

If you do decide to grab Killing Floor 2, however, I would recommend you do it before January 23rd as its currently on 33% discount on Steam. Have fun, and here's a couple of images showcasing the new map and Gorefiend enemy:

Killing Floor 2's new Gorefiend enemy screenshot

Killing Floor 2's new Zed Landing map screenshot

Killing Floor 2's new cosmetics and weapons in Tropical Bash update