Just Cause 3 patch is out on PC and hopefully fixing all of the various issues players had with the game

I was so very, very excited when I first saw Just Cause 3 gameplay but once I finally got my hands on the game I found it to be practically unplayable in-between random FPS drops and frequent crashes.

So I'm happy to tell you that Patch 1.2 is now out on Steam bringing with it performance improvements, faster loading times and some bug fixes. Here's the full patch notes post:

"In the 1.02 patch (132.1MB), you can expect: 

- Significantly improved loading times
- Optimizations to online stats
- General stability fixes
- Fixed an issue related to challenges, wherein vehicles sometimes disappeared when starting a challenge
- Fixed issues related to screen resizing and closing the game window before the game has fully started up

To those of you still having issues, rest assured we are working hard to alleviate these, and are listening very closely to everything that’s being said.

While the patch will improve performance on the whole, we’ve listened to some of the other concerns raised about the game and put together a little list of points which might alleviate these issues:

You can skip cutscenes, in fact – all you need to do is hold B on your gamepad, or hit ‘Skip’ from the pause menu.

This isn’t an oversight; it’s very much intended. Our designer’s intent was to encourage you to use Rico’s unique grapple to move around Medici far quicker than his legs would allow, as well as giving you the ability to traverse vertically.

Rico doesn’t hide. Getting him up in the air is our version of the cover mechanic. Rico is far more deadly in the skies, than pinned behind a container on the ground.

While there’s no mini-map to help you liberate bases and towns, you can always bring up your map to help find Chaos objects. When you’re down to the last few objects in any given settlement, an approximate location for these will be displayed on the map.

Again, a huge thanks for your support over the past week, and look out for more news soon. If there’s any changes to the patch between now and Friday, we’ll let you know here."

I would love to tell you if this means the random crashes and FPS drops are fixed but I ended up refunding my purchase because there is simply no reason to pay full price for a game that just doesn't work properly. What little I've played of it I enjoyed but right now I think I'll just wait a couple of months for it to go on sale and grab it then.

If you stuck with it I genuinely do hope this patch managed to fix your issues as I really don't hate the game and I do wish it to be the best Just Cause experience it possibly can.