John Romero has released a new Doom WAD (level)

Back in January John Romero released a brand new level for Doom after not touching the game for nearly 20 years, and from what I can remember of it, many asses were kicked.

And now, despite spending who knows how many hours a day working on his Blackroom Kickstarter, he's released his second 'modern' Doom level that follows up on the first and showcases the "kind of classic FPS gameplay" he's promising with Blackroom. As for the story, here's the brief blurb that comes with the instructions:

"With the Toxin Refinery in the rear-view, you make your way to Phobos Mission Control where the computers crunching the data from the Phobos Anomaly are located.

You need to use them to gain access to the Phobos Lab, but remember hearing that the computers were tied into all areas of the installation and that you never knew when the environment around you would change.

You need to keep your eyes alert to all movement—this place is not what it seems..."

You can grab it for free on Dropbox with the only requirement being the need for the actual Doom game, no surprise there. If you don't own it you can buy a copy from GOG, its currently on a 50% discount.