Ion Fury official artwork without logo

When it comes to oldschool shooters, 2019 has been an absolutely amazing year! Not only have the recently released Dusk and Amid Evil ended up being downright excellent, but 3D Realms' Build Engine throwback Ion Fury is set to leave Early Access this August 15th!

If the name doesn't ring any bells, that would be because Ion Fury was known as Ion Maiden a little while ago. However, due to a rather expensive lawsuit looming over it because of the name and logo having similarities with Iron Maiden, 3D Realms have wisely chosen to sidestep the whole mess and just rename the game to Ion Fury.

But enough of that nonsense! Allow me to instead share what really matters - some newly released gameplay footage showing off just what Ion Fury has to offer. Have a gander, it's a pretty explosive trailer:

You can learn more about Ion Fury, as well as potentially grab yourself an Early Access copy, by hopping over to Steam. Have fun!