DUSK official artwork showing the various demon enemies

[Update]: DUSK has now added modding support, just in case you needed even more levels to play through!

If you're feeling nostalgic for the classic FPS games that marked the 90s, you might want to check out the recently released DUSK. It's a Doom and Quake inspired FPS with retro visuals, a variety of devastating weapons, absolute tons of low-poly gore, aggressive metal music, and naturally, heaps upon heaps of secrets to discover. Or in other words, it's pretty damn awesome!

Since this is one of those games where trying to explain things through words alone is woefully inadequate, allow me to instead share with you the launch trailer. Have a gander, it's quite an explosive one:

While DUSK in its current state is already more than enjoyable, I am glad to say that the developers are already working on even more features. According to the recent update, you can expect to see console, Mac, Linux and DRM-free versions, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag game modes, access to the SDK and Steam Workshop modding support, New Game Plus, and perhaps most importantly of all, co-op! As you might imagine, all of this will take a little while to fully complete, but it's certainly nice to see the developers offer so much support for a game that is pretty much already finished. 

So if you have a bit of free time and a love for oldschool shooters, I would highly recommend you head on over to Steam to learn a little bit more about DUSK and what it has to offer. If you decide to grab it, however, just make sure you don't go in expecting to see a shooter with modern sensibilities and design ideas, because DUSK really is unapologetically retro. Have fun!