Stormland official screenshot of a strange-looking robot observing a plant

Despite being announced about a year ago, very little is known about Isomniac's VR adventure Stormland. Still, what has been revealed so far is actually pretty exciting! Insomniac has shown off some incredible visuals, a variety of ways to move across the landscape that range from gliding to scaling sheer cliffs, as well as an intriguing array of makeshift weaponry to dispatch anything that dares stand before you. Best of all, they even announced that Stormland will have co-op!

So while the details are still few and far between, I am glad to say that Stormland has now received a new trailer that highlights the story, as well as a variety of new locations. Have a gander, it's a rather pretty one:

While no release date has been announced just yet, Insomniac has once again confirmed that Stormland will be coming at some point in 2019. As for the platform itself, it should come as no surprise to hear that Stormland will be exclusive to the Oculus Rift given how closely tied together they are. 

You can learn more about Stormland, as well as follow any future updates, over at the official website.