Horizon Zero Dawn artwork showing Aloy fighting a robot

[Update #2]: Two years after its original launch, Horizon Forbidden West is coming to PC on March 21st.

[Update]: Horizon Zero Dawn devs are working on fixing the numerous issues with the PC port.

If the idea of hunting giant killer-robots sounds like a fun time to you, I have both good and bad news to deliver. The good news is that Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition has now made its way to PC, and much like its console counterpart, it is pretty darn enjoyable.

As for the bad news, that would be the state of the PC port. Not only does it have issues with random stuttering and performance drops throughout perfectly normal gameplay, but there's also a fair few crashes to annoy you along the way. So if you do decide to dive in yourself, be ready to mess around with a whole bunch of settings before finally starting your playthrough in earnest.

Personally, I would recommend avoiding all of this headache and just waiting a few more weeks before grabbing yourself a copy. At that point most of the serious issues should be ironed out and you'll be able to play without constantly worrying if your progress is about to get wiped out by yet another crash.

You can keep an eye on any developer announcements, as well as follow the upcoming patches, over at Steam. Here's to hoping all of this gets fixed soon, and for now I'll leave you with the PC features trailer. Enjoy!