Horizon Zero Dawn official concept artwork of a robot hunt

[Update]: Patch 1.02 has corrected some of the issues plaguing the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn arrived onto PC last week, and while the gameplay itself is pretty darn fun, the quality of the PC port leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are there performance issues present all throughout the campaign, but there's also a bunch of seemingly random crashes to make things even more irritating.

The good news is that the team behind the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is well aware of these issues and is working on a fix. No exact details have been given just yet, but you can expect to hear more as soon as the developers are happy with the state of the upcoming patch.

As you might expect, this also means that the patch currently has no official release date. While a bit unfortunate given how massive some of the issues are, this does at least mean the Horizon Zero Dawn team is fully committed to getting everything polished up and ready before putting it out there.

Once the update goes live I'll make sure to let you know, and you can also keep an eye on Horizon Zero Dawn over at Steam.