Horizon Forbidden West official artwork and logo for the PC version

When Horizon Zero Dawn first landed onto PC, it did so alongside quite a few problems. The performance was spotty, crashes were frequent, bugs were everywhere, and most annoyingly of all, mouse sensitivity seemed to change completely at random.

It took quite a while for Horizon Zero Dawn to get properly polished up, so I must admit I was slightly weary about the fate of its sequel. Thankfully, my fears ended up being completely unfounded as the freshly released Horizon Forbidden West looks and runs great straight out of the digital box!

Besides a lack of technical issues, the PC version brings with it all of the DLC, support for ultrawide and triple monitor setups, support for various upscaling technologies, an unlocked framerate, and perhaps most importantly, numerous settings to mess around with in order to get just the right balance between performance and fidelity.

What all of this looks like in action, however, that you can check out through the PC trailer below. Have a peek:

You can learn more about the PC version of Horizon Forbidden West, as well as check out a bunch of player reviews, over at Steam. Happy hunting!