Ships from the Homeworld Remastered Collection

[Update]: After a remarkably long wait, the Homeworld series is getting a brand new sequel in late 2022.

After being teased for a couple of weeks now Update 2.0 has finally arrived to the Homeworld Remastered Collection. Rather than simply offer balance changes, Update 2.0 instead brings a complete redesign of numerous systems, as well as large improvements to the modding tools and ship AI.

Ship combat behavior has been greatly improved (especially when it comes to how they line-up in formations), weapons will now use actual balistics (when applicable), and to top it all off, the entire game has been rebalanced in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Bear in mind, however, that due to the sweeping changes brought in with Update 2.0 your mission progress will not carry over, so if you're in the middle of a campaign mission you're unfortunately going to have to restart it.

If you're interested in the full patch notes you can head over to the Gearbox website, but if you'd rather learn about the "why" of things I'd suggest you read the interview Fists of Heaven did with Homeworld's developers. Its mostly about the features coming with Update 2.0, but its not often you get to see a developer's perspective on what goes into an update, and why.

Even though they're last on the list, the modding tools are probably the most exciting part of this patch as a lot of work has gone into making them as powerful as possible. The details are a bit hard to grasp from the patch notes alone, but Dave E. from Gearbox didn't seem to lack in enthusiasm when it comes to Homeworld's modding scene: "I think that with all of the new systems and tools you're going to see Mods do some really exciting stuff. It'll take a while for them to get there, but the results are going to be worth the wait".