Homeworld: Remastered ships in a phalanx formation

[Update]: After a remarkably long wait, the Homeworld series is getting a brand new sequel in late 2022.

The Homeworld: Remastered collection has been widely praised since its launch, though it didn't release without its own set of problems, the most notable ones being the wast differences in gameplay mechanics between the modern ones and the classics.

As it turns out, the developers have been working hard the past six months to fix exactly those issues, and soon all of that work will be unleashed upon the world in the form of one massive patch. Expect to see changes to how ships line-up in formations, how they behave, the way the ballistics move through the void of space, and as a bonus there will also be a bunch of new features coming to the currently available modding tools.

While I would love to give you a summary of all the specifics I'm afraid it simply isn't possible this time around as the article/interview on FistsofHeaven spans multiple pages and goes into such depth that any attempt at summing it up would be a disservice to the source material.

If you're interested in the Homeworld: Remastered Collection, or just game development in general, make sure to read all of that as it offers a fascinating insight into the inner-workings of a strategy game.

In order to not leave you empty handed, however, here's a fancy trailer showcasing the two Homeworld games in glorious 4K: