Hollow Knight: The Grimm Troupe screenshot of a new boss

Hollow Knight's very first free content update arrived last month, and already the developers are announcing the second wave. The upcoming Grimm Troupe patch will add a brand new major quest and accompanying boss fights, 4 new charms that grant unique new skills and abilities, a whole bunch of new enemies to fight and friends to chat up, as well as a variety of general improvements and quality-of-life changes.

While the recently posted teaser trailer won't exactly give you a good look at all of the new features, it will at least get you into the right mood. Have a look, its quite a short video:

I would love to tell you more about Grimm and his Troupe but I'm afraid the developers are keeping the details nice and secret for the time being. What I can tell you, however, is that The Grimm Troupe will be available for free to all players this Halloween.

Since I can offer you nothing else in terms of useful information, allow me to leave you with this little teaser for the new charms. Who knows, maybe you'll even manage to figure out what their abilities will be all about!

Hollow Knight: The Grimm Troupe screenshot of the 4 new charms