Hollow Knight artwork for the Hidden Dreams expansion

For those of you that might not know, Hollow Knight is a hand-drawn 2D action-adventure that will have you face off against hordes upon hordes of monsters as you journey through a vast and interconnected world. As you might imagine given the mixture of genres Hollow Knight is by no means an easy game, but it does feature enough depth and complexity to greatly reward those that push through the initial difficulty curve.

If you number yourself among those that have already beaten every challenge Hollow Knight has managed to muster, you'll be glad to hear that the very first free content update Hidden Dream has now arrived. It brings with it two new bosses to fight against, each with their own little storyline and music track, the Dream Gate that allows you to instantly travel from one corner of the kingdom to another, as well as a brand new Stag Station to uncover.

All of the new content will be accessible at any point in the game, whether you're starting fresh or already near the end. So even though the update isn't bringing with it an expansion's worth of content, its still well worth checking out. Besides all of the new content, the update has also brought with it a minor patch whose details you can find on Steam. And since I can offer you very little else, allow me to send you off with the brief teaser trailer: