Heroes of the Storm Tyrael vs Illidan artwork

While Overwatch's weekly brawls are mostly a waste of space, the ones in Hearthstone are often so well put together its not uncommon for me to spend more time brawling around than playing the 'actual' game. If you enjoy these custom game modes as much as I do, you'll be happy to hear that Heroes of the Storm is soon getting its own variant of the Tavern Brawl - Heroes Brawl!

Much like its Hearthstone cousin, the Heroes Brawl will bring with it a unique twist on the standard gameplay, and more than a healthy serving of madness to boot! If you're wondering how much madness is simply too much madness, perhaps the recently posted trailer will help answer that question. And if not, at least all of the artwork is really pretty! Have a look:

Rather than simply tweak a few settings and call it a day, the Heroes Brawl will bring with it three battlegrounds specifically designed around brawls, as well as a whole bunch of new mechanics that will drastically change the course of gameplay. As a simple example Blizzard teased the Hammer Time brawl where all players start as SGT. Hammer - with thrusters permanently engaged! Its one of the simpler brawls, and as such the changes aren't drastic, but it should still offer up a rather unique experience given that the cores are invulnerable, so its all about capturing towers... while getting constantly bombarded!

If you're interested in learning more, albeit a tiny bit more given that Blizzard is currently stingy on details, you can head over to the official website. On the other hand, if you would like to give the Heroes Brawl a try before everyone else, you'll have a chance to do so on October 10th as it will be going through a week of PTR (Public Test Realm) before officially launching on October 17th. My interest is piqued, so here's to hoping this variant of the Weekly Brawl ends up being more engaging than the Overwatch one!

Heroes of the Storm Brawl featuring SGT. Hammer

Heroes of the Storm weekly brawl featuring plenty of ice

Heroes of the Storm weekly brawl featuring a boss fight