The Witcher 10th anniversary image showing off a variety of characters celebrating

CD Projekt Red and their "The Witcher" series are widely known and rightly praised today, but their beginnings were anything but smooth. If you haven't played the original Witcher PC game, you might even be surprised to hear that it was panned by both critics and users alike due to game-breaking bugs and a plethora of technical problems. Back then nobody expected it to have any sort of impact on the RPG genre, but due to CDPR's perseverance and a constant will to improve the series quickly rose in both popularity and quality.

So if you're wondering how exactly Geralt made the transition from being a book character to the star of his own RPG series, as well as what journey CDPR had to undertake in order to get him there, you'll find what you seek in the recently posted and extremely detailed documentary down below. Its about two hours long, but if you feel like peering behind the curtains of game development I would highly suggest you still give it a look as its really quite intriguing. But enough babble from me, here's the documentary:

On a slightly similar, albeit a lot shorter note, make sure to also check out The Witcher's 10th anniversary celebration video. Its quite clearly a little bit of fan service, but if you grew attached to all of the characters like I did chances are you'll find it rather endearing. Enjoy!