The Witcher series 10th anniversary image

[Update]: CD Projekt Red has announced that The Witcher 4 is currently being made in Unreal Engine 5!

If you asked me what I thought about The Witcher when it first launched I would've probably answered with a series of expletives. It might sound like an overreaction now, but on its release date it was a completely buggy and nigh unplayable mess. I remember picking it up on a whim, struggling for over an hour to get it to actually run, and then getting stuck on a set of stairs the moment I started playing... not exactly the best first impression.

However, despite critics and users alike panning The Witcher, CDPR did not stop patching and adding content to it. If I remember correctly it took them over a year to finally get it into a polished state, after which I finally caved in and gave it a second try, only to realize that its actually pretty damn good!

The combat was still a bit on the boring side, but the storytelling was expertly done, the characters all likable and interesting, and the whole "mature" angle used for more than a constant barrage of swear words. As such, I really have to give credit to CDPR here. Instead of backing down and quietly working on a new game, they chose to slowly but surely address just about every flaw, all of it purely because they wanted to make a quality game people would love to dive into.

With that little story in mind, I hope you can now understand how happy I am to say that The Witcher is now celebrating its 10th anniversary! Its quite interested to look back and see how the series has improved over time, always going into a slightly different direction, while still keeping the same principles intact. The same goes for CDPR as they started off as basically nobody, only to now end up as one of the best developers out there, known far and wide for their exemplary post-launch support. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, Geralt's adventures have now come to a blissful end. While there will never be a Witcher 4 starring Geralt of Rivia, CDPR did just release a rather emotional farewell video, so if you've ever grown attached to any of The Witcher games I would highly recommend you give it a look. Its obviously a little bit of fan service, but its nice seeing all of the old crew happily spending their days. But enough babble from me, enjoy the video!