Doom VFR screenshot of a demon standing very, very close

During the recent E3 convention Bethesda announced both Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR (with the "F" most likely meaning the same thing it does in BFG), though they didn't share much in terms of details. All we really knew is that Doom VFR would be designed to replicate Doom's gameplay as closely as possible, while still trying its damnest to keep people from getting seasick in the middle of their living rooms due to all of the constant motion and hordes upon hordes of demons.

If you're not exactly satisfied with that barebones answer, you'll be glad to hear that Bethesda recently posted a video showcasing not only gameplay, but also the developer's reasonings behind some of the major decisions. Its not a very lengthy video, but it should clue you in on what id Software is trying to achieve. Have a look:

I must admit I'm not exactly sold on the whole 'teleport all over the place' routine, but I suppose I would first need to give it a try before passing out judgement. Who knows, it might function more like a dash or a combat roll, in which case I could actually see it being a benefit rather than a hardware limitation. Either way, its going to be interesting to see what happens when Doom VFR arrives this December 1st. To learn more I would suggest heading to either Steam or the Bethesda website, but don't expect to find much just yet.

Doom VFR screenshot of our character picking up a powerup