Gabe Newel as Gaben Jesus

After a few weeks of teasers, rumors, and wild theories the Steam Summer Sale has now finally arrived, bringing with it a ridiculous amount of discounted games. However, while that is certainly a good thing, it is not exactly easy to choose only a couple of games when you have thousands upon thousands strewn before you.

In an effort to help out with this little 'problem', and also showcase some great games you might not have otherwise even looked at, I have devised a brief list consisting of five games you should consider grabbing on Day 8 of the 2017 Steam Summer Sale. Without further ado, let's begin:

The Walking Dead: Season 1 (-75%)

Clem and Lee from The Walking Dead: Season 1

The Walking Dead: Season 1 is the game that made Telltale into the giant we know today, and despite numerous attempts they have never gotten even close to replicating its success. It features a cast of lovable characters that will stay with you long after you're done with the game itself, a compelling narrative that will always keep you pushing forward, and an atmosphere so thick you can practically slice it with a knife. As far as gameplay is concerned The Walking Dead: Season 1 is nothing special, but as an experience it really is one-of-a-kind, so for €5,7 I would heartily recommend you give it a go.

Killing Floor 2 (-50%)

Killing Floor 2 flame revolvers

While The Walking Dead is a deeply emotional game that's mostly centered around dialogue and character interaction, Killing Floor 2 is a completely shameless slaughterfest that pits you and a bunch of other players against hordes of mutants and abominations. All of the weapons are satisfying to use and feel straight up overpowered, there is a nice variety of monsters to fight against, and depending on your difficulty setting the whole thing is either a relaxing romp or a fight for sheer survival. So if you're up for a shooter that sheds any semblance of story and realism in favor of over-the-top combat, chances are you'll enjoy Killing Floor 2.

Banished (-75%)

Screenshot from Banished showing a winter wonderland

Banished is a city-building strategy game that will dump you into the middle of nowhere with a bunch of supplies and expect you to create a fully self-sustaining colony. Its not the most complex strategy game I've ever played and it definitely runs its course after a while, but for the first 20-30 hours Banished is an absolute joy to play. There's nothing quite like figuring out the optimal workload for your villagers while also ensuring you can protect yourself from any sort of disaster! So if you're up for a 'brief' venture into the world of city-building sims Banished might just be worth a look.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (-50%)

Skyrim screenshot of a snowy temple

I'm not one of those people that considers Skyrim to be the best RPG ever made, and I'm definitely not someone that excuses its terrible combat, but even with all of that considered I still put in over 100 hours into it. There is just something special about roaming a beautiful world and seeing what sort of mischief you can get up to. The gameplay might not be anything amazing, but its good enough that once you start you're probably not going to stop until you've clocked in at least 50 hours. So if you have a bit of free time, and you're a fan of open-world RPGs, Skyrim is well worth checking out.

Firewatch (-55%)

Firewatch screenshot of a cozy tower

Firewatch is a "walking simulator", and if this genre just scratches you the wrong way I'm afraid Firewatch is not going to be the game that changes your mind. But if you don't mind the focus not being on combat you'll find that Firewatch is a combination of beautiful visuals, great voiceacting, and a surprisingly emotional story. So if you're up for a ~6 hour journey alongside some great characters and hillarious dialogue you should probably give Firewatch a look.

And there you have it, these are all of my recommendations for Day 8 of the 2017 Steam Summer Sale. I'll be back tomorrow with a new batch of games, but until then I would definitely suggest you browse through the store yourself as you're bound to come across a couple of hidden gems I might have completely missed. 

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