Gaben, the prophet of discounts

After a few weeks of teasers, rumors, and wild theories the Steam Summer Sale has now finally arrived, bringing with it a ridiculous amount of discounted games. However, while that is certainly a good thing, it is not exactly easy to choose only a couple of games when you have thousands upon thousands strewn before you.

In an effort to help out with this little 'problem', and also showcase some great games you might not have otherwise even looked at, I have devised a brief list consisting of five games you should consider grabbing on Day 4 of the 2017 Steam Summer Sale. Without further ado, let's begin:

Wolfenstein: The New Order (-50%)

Screenshot from the PC version of Wolfenstein: The New Order

In a world filled with generic "modern military shooters" the Wolfenstein reboot came as a breath of fresh air. Instead of worrying itself with realism and overly serious storylines The New Order is all about fast-paced action, ridiculous weaponry, and more Nazis than one person could possibly cleave through in a single day. So if you're interested in an FPS that has been designed from the ground up to be as fun as possible, while also having a decent enough story to keep you engaged throughout the entire campaign, then by all means give The New Order a shot as its well worth a playthrough.

Terraria (-50%)

Screenshot of a house in Terraria

When I bought Terraria for €5 years and years ago I was perfectly happy with my purchase, but the developers were seemingly never truly satisfied with the amount of content on offer. Instead of just moving onto a new game they have spent years adding absolutely massive updates to Terraria, constantly expanding its game world and the amount of playstyles it offers. So if you have a few friends that are fans of adventure/crafting games, and you don't mind a game that will devour your entire life for the next few weeks, I would heartily recommend you give Terraria a try as it really is a blast to play.

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition (-60%)

Divinity: Original Sin screenshot of a frost zone

Divinity: Original Sin is a natural evolution of the oldschool combat RPGs. It has all of their features such as an expansive lists of spells, interesting combos, and compelling choices throughout the campaign, but without any of the flaws such as clunky controls, weak early-game, and insane difficulty spikes. Most importantly of all, it has been created with co-op multiplayer in mind, which makes it one of the rare few RPGs to do so. So if you're a fan of classic RPGs and you have a friend that shares your passion, Divinity: Original Sin is well worth grabbing as it will keep you busy for a long, long time. 

Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition (-78%)

Borderlands 2 screenshot of enemies in a frozen zone

Continuing on with the co-op multiplayer theme we have Borderlands 2 - a case study of what would happen if the Diablo series was transformed into an FPS game. The humor might be hit and miss depending on your sensibilities, but the gameplay is incredibly polished, all of the characters are fun to mess around with, and the vast majority of the randomly generated weapons are actually interesting to use. So if you're looking for a carefree game you can play with a couple of buddies (and most likely a couple of beers) Borderlands 2 will do an admirable job.

Life is Strange (-75%)

Life is Strange screenshot of Chloe and Max

Life is Strange, much like its name, is a bit of a strange game. On first glance it appears to be the failed experiment of middle-aged men trying to write dialogue for teenage girls, but as you get further on into the story the characters and their problems become surprisingly relatable, so much so that I played through the entire thing within a couple of days! Its almost impossible to explain the story without ruining any of its charm, so let's just say that if you're looking for a compelling, narrative-driven adventure game you should definitely grab Life is Strange, especially at this low of a price tag.

And there you have it, these are all of my recommendations for Day 4 of the 2017 Steam Summer Sale. I'll be back tomorrow with a new batch of games, but until then I would definitely suggest you browse through the store yourself as you're bound to come across a couple of hidden gems I might have completely missed. 

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