Hearthstone's Voyage to the Sunken City expansion official artwork without logo

[Update]: Voyage to the Sunken City has now arrived alongside some spicy changes to the Core Set.

As a part of a recent teaser Blizzard announced that they would have some exciting news for Hearthstone in the near future. Well, I'm happy to say they weren't joking. Not only is the upcoming Voyage to the Sunken City looking quite exciting with its focus on gigantic creatures, but the expansion will also be accompanied by a set rotation and revamp of the Core Set!

While the details on the rotation and the Core Set changes are still nonexistent, you can get a bit of an idea of the sort of themes the Hearthstone team is going for with the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion through the freshly posted and refreshingly unique trailer. Have a gander:

In terms of new mechanics and minion types, there are three main ones you'll want to pay attention to:

Naga are a new minion type that will become a permanent addition to Hearthstone moving forward. The very first batch of Naga cards mostly care about you casting spells while they are in your hand, which will then trigger powerful effects when you finally do play the Naga card itself.

Colossal minions are creatures so ridiculously massive that they simply cannot fit on a single card. As such, when you play a Colossal minion it'll immediately summon all of its accompanying body parts alongside it.

Dredge is a new keyword that lets you look at the bottom three cards of your deck in order to pick one and bring it to the very top of your deck. This might not sound all that useful now, but it's well worth mentioning that Voyage to the Sunken City will have a variety of cards that put extremely powerful minions and spells at the bottom of your deck!

While not all 135 new cards have been revealed just yet, you can get a pretty good idea of just what Voyage to the Sunken City is trying to do over at the card gallery.

As for the release date, you can expect to see Voyage to the Sunken City and the accompanying rotation on April 12, 2022. Once they arrive I'll make sure to let you know, but for now you can read a few more tidbits about Voyage to the Sunken City over at the Hearthstone website.