Hearthstone cinematic Orc watching his burned board

Hearthstone has recently been updated with the Knights of the Frozen Throne, a 135 card expansion that saw some of our favorite heroes killed and resurrected as soulless servants of the Lich King. And what better way to follow that up than with a very Disney-like cinematic short full of vibrant colors, random nonsense, and plenty of signing!

The newly revealed Hearth and Home short might not fit thematically with the latest expansion, but its still well worth a look as Blizzard's animation studio has once again outdone themselves. I just wish the song lyrics were more memorable and interesting, but I suppose that's a minor complaint given the age group the short is targeting. Anyway, here's the video:

If you've had your fill of cheerful singing and feel like you're in the mood for a wave of sadness, I would recommend you also check out the recently posted Overwatch animated short starring Mei. As you might expect given the quality of the previous Overwatch shorts, its pretty damn a-Mei-zing! And with that horrible pun now out of the way, you'll find the animated short over here. Enjoy!