Halo Infinite official key art

[Update #2]: Halo Infinite's open-world singleplayer campaign has now arrived for PC and Xbox, and so far it's looking remarkably good.

[Update]: Halo Infinite devs are now working on improving the in-game progression systems.

In celebration of Halo's 20th anniversary, 343 Industries have now decided to unleash a free multiplayer beta for everyone to enjoy. In order to jump in all you need to do is head on over to Steam, click on that giant green "Play Game" button, and you'll be ready for some multiplayer madness in no time.

The Season 1 multiplayer beta brings with it both the free and paid battle passes that will carry over into the full version, an assortment of maps and game modes to enjoy, as well as some exclusive cosmetics to earn along the way. What all of this looks like in actual gameplay, however, that you can find out through the recently posted Season 1 trailer:

If you're more interested in the singleplayer campaign, you'll be happy to hear that it'll be arriving in only a few weeks, on December 8th. That said, it's important to mention that while the multiplayer content is seemingly entirely free to play, the singleplayer campaign will set you back €60 at launch.

You can learn more about the Season 1 beta, as well as Halo Infinite as a whole, over at the Halo website. Have fun!