Gwent artwork for the Syndicate faction

[Update]: Gwent's newest expansion, Merchants of Ofir, has now landed with an additional 70 cards!

After a small teaser, Gwent's second major expansion "Novigrad" has now finally arrived in full. In terms of major features, it brings with it a whole bunch of new cards to play around with, a brand new faction called The Syndicate, as well as its five new and rather interesting leaders to experiment with: Whoreson Junior, Cyrus Hemmelfart, King of Beggars, Gudrun Bjornsdottir, and Cleaver.

Naturally, the Novigrad expansion has also added a couple of new features and quality-of-life changes to spice things up. The most exciting one out of the bunch, at least as far as the gameplay experience is concerned, is that special cards will now produce a distinct sound effect when played, which should help make them feel just a bit more fun to slam onto the game board!

The expansion has only just launched so I can't exactly comment on how balanced the Syndicate truly is, but from what little I've played I must admit I greatly enjoy their playstyle and how many decisions they offer. So if you've been off the Gwent train for quite a few months like I have, this would be a pretty good time to come back and see just what is new!

You can read a little bit more about Novigrad, as well as download Gwent for yourself, over at the official website. Have fun!