Gwent official artwork for Merchants of Ofir expansion

When Gwent first released things were looking a bit shaky as the balance was all over the place and CDPR still unsure about the direction they wanted to take the gameplay in. Luckily, instead of folding like so many card games before it, Gwent has overcome these initial hurdles and now settled into a rather nice position, both in terms of balance and content updates.

And what better way to continue that trend than with a brand new expansion, which is where the freshly revealed Merchants of Ofir comes into play! Here's a brief teaser showing what to expect:

In terms of actual content, Merchants of Ofir has brought in around 70 new cards to play around with, both neutral and faction-exclusive. While Merchants of Ofir does not feature a brand new faction like the Novigrad expansion, it makes up for it by introducing a variety of new mechanics and combos to play around with, including the Stratagems that let you choose a unique bonus for going first in a match.

There is no easy way to summarize what each faction has received, so if you're curious about all of the cards, you'll find the full list over at the Gwent website. If you prefer to simply dive into the action and figure things out yourself, then simply log into Gwent as the Merchants of Ofir is already up and running. Have fun!