Gwent artwork showing Geralt and Ciri playing some Gwent

Gwent's Midwinter Update will be coming in the very near future, bringing with it ~100 new cards and a brand new leader for each faction. All of the cards have just recently been revealed, so if you're wondering what sort of new tools you'll be able to play around with, you should head on over to the official website.

On a somewhat different note, it's also important to mention that the Midwinter Update will arrive alongside major improvements to the interface, as well as some much needed quality-of-life changes. You can expect to see an additional daily quest system, an easier and faster deck-builder, the removal of the annoying carousel interface in favor of a more straightforward one, the ability to stop yourself from playing cards, and the list goes on for a while.

If you're interested in all of the details, as well as a quick peek at what the new interface will look like, you'll find the latest developer preview right below. Have a gander:

As for the release date, I'm afraid the developers have not shared anything specific just yet. They previously mentioned the update is going to arrive mid-December, and since the Public Test Realm (PTR) is already up I think chances are high that the Midwinter Update will come within a week or so. Either way, it sure does look like it'll be worth the wait!