Gwent artwork showing Geralt and Ciri playing as Monsters and Skellige

Gwent has so far received multiple expansions, and while their quality was top-notch the amount of cards they added into the game was quite minuscule. After all, no matter how interesting the cards may be, there's only so much you can do when each unique archetype receives one new card at best.

As such, I am delighted to say that the next Gwent expansion will shake up the game in a much more significant fashion. Instead of releasing only ~20 cards, the upcoming Midwinter Update will bring with it more than 100, as well as three new mechanics to toy around with. Only a dozen cards have been revealed so far, but if you would like to see what they're all about you should head over to the official website.

As for the three new mechanics, here's what they are and what they do:

Duel - The unit with the "duel" tag first damages a chosen enemy unit with its power, after which the damaged unit strikes back with their remaining power. This process is repeated until one of the units is destroyed.

Immune - You cannot attack or use spells on units with the "immune" tag. However, area-of-effect spells, weather, or anything that targets units indirectly will still work.

Item - Its a new special card type with its own unique interactions, but not much is known so far.

There is currently no release date set, but you can expect to see the Midwinter Update at some point in mid-December. And since there is very little else to talk about until CDPR reveals more cards, I will urge you to go and check out the premium art for Seltkirk - one of the new Northern Realms Gold cards. To say that its amazing would be one hell of an understatement!