Guild Wars 2 screenshot of the new Warclaw mount

Today has been a rather terrible day for both Guild Wars 2 and its developer ArenaNet. Around a hundred people have suddenly been laid off from the studio, including some that have been instrumental in shaping Guild Wars 2's content. As you might imagine, this has caused quite a bit of chaos within the studio, and consequently delayed the upcoming Warclaw patch.

"In light of current events at the studio, we are taking this time to focus on our friends and colleagues," reads the brief developer update. "We hope you understand and we apologize for this delay. Thank you for your continued support of Guild Wars 2."

Instead of the expected February 26th release date, the PvP-focused mount Warclaw will be making its way to Guild Wars 2 on March 5th. When it comes to future updates, however, I'm afraid I have no new information to share. That said, with the studio being around a hundred people shorter, there is a very real chance we might see a steep decline in the amount of new content.

Once ArenaNet announces their plans for the future and Guild Wars 2 in general, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'm afraid all we can do is wait and see what happens.