Guild Wars 2 official artwork of a flaming dragon

After being slightly delayed due to some unforeseen problems, Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 4: Episode 2 - A Bug in the System will be coming next week, on March 6th to be exact. You can expect to see a brand new chapter of the currently ongoing story, a large new map to explore, a new mastery to unlock, and for those of you that love fancy weapons, a new legendary dagger to slowly work towards!

You can get a good look at some of these new features through the recently posted trailer down below. It's not a very long video, but it's still one of the best teasers ArenaNet has released in quite a few years so I'd definitely recommend giving it a look if you're even remotely interested in Guild Wars 2. Have a gander:

I would love to offer you more information, but I'm afraid that this is pretty much everything we know so far. What I can tell you, however, is that Episode 1 - Daybreak will only be free until March 6th, so if you haven't played Guild Wars 2 in a while you might want to log in and grab it as soon as possible.

The whole process will only take you a minute as you just have to unlock the new chapter, so there's really no excuse for not doing it if you're planning to play Guild Wars 2 at any point in the future. Oh, and the Episode 1 content is quite fun, so there's that as well!