Guild Wars 2 Charr artwork showing off the Steel Legion

[Update]: The No Quarter patch has now landed, and I'm happy to say the new Drizzlewood Coast map is pretty exciting!

After spending a little bit of time reminiscing about the past, Guild Wars 2's storyline will be taking a bold step forward on May 26th. Chapter three of The Icebrood Saga will bring with it an all-out civil war between the Charr factions, Drizzlewood Coast as a hefty and action-packed new region to explore, as well as a variety of new items and cosmetics to adorn your characters with.

While new maps are a fairly standard feature of Guild Wars 2 updates, the upcoming Drizzlewood Coast will be a tad out of the ordinary given that it's taking heavy inspiration from the World vs World game mode. So while there won't be any PvP on the map itself, there will be a map-wide event that will have you siege fortresses, take control of enemy supplies, ambush patrols, and do whatever you can to ensure that the Charr civil war ends as soon as possible.

You can get a bit of an idea of what this entails, as well as what cosmetic items the "No Quarter" update will bring to the table, through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

The more observant among you may have noticed that the usual voice over is missing for this trailer, and that would be because ArenaNet has not managed to get their voice actors into the studio due to the ongoing pandemic. As such, the entirety of the update will be missing voice acting, though don't worry about it too much as ArenaNet will be adding it at a later date.

You can learn more about the No Quarter update, as well as Guild Wars 2 itself, over at the official website.

Guild Wars 2 artwork showing a shadowy meeting with the Imperators