Guild Wars 2 Siege Turtle mount artwork

[Update #2]: I hope you're ready for even more events because Guild Wars 2 has now added Wintersday!

[Update]: ArenaNet have detailed how the End of Dragons expansion Legendaries will work.

After quite a few teasers and previews, Guild Wars 2's biggest End of Dragons beta event has now arrived. It brings with it all nine of the upcoming elite specializations, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles, as well as the mighty Siege Turtle mount that can not only fly via built-in jetpack, but also seat two players!

If you're wondering what the big boy looks like in action, allow me to share with you the recently posted teaser. Needless to say, it's yet another awesome mount addition for Guild Wars 2!

When it comes to the new specializations, it's worth mentioning they have undergone many changes since the last few beta events. So if you've given them a try previously and found them lacking, I'd recommend diving in again and playing around with the freshly improved versions. As for the actual changes, those you can peruse over at the Guild Wars 2 website.

Much like before, the whole beta event is free for everyone to enjoy. You don't need to pre-order the End of Dragons expansion or even own Guild Wars 2 itself. Simply create a new beta character and you'll be ready to explore the new content until the beta closes down on December 4th. The only actual catch is that none of the loot you acquire on the beta characters will carry over to the live game, for obvious reasons.

Have fun, and here's to hoping we'll get a few more of these beta events before End of Dragons fully launches in February 2022.