Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons artwork for the Legendary greatsword

[Update #2]: After the success of the new expansion, Guild Wars 2 devs have now announced their plans for the future.

[Update]: It's official, the End of Dragons expansion will be launching on February 28th!

Given that it is incredibly easy to acquire near-perfect endgame gear in Guild Wars 2, fancy-looking Legendary weapons serve as more as a fashion symbol than anything else. Unsurprisingly, each of these Legendary items thus comes with its own unique model, cosmetic effects, custom animations, and naturally, an absurd list of requirements to really make it feel special.

While the Legendaries in the End of Dragon expansion will function mostly the same as the previous ones, there will still be some notable differences. First and foremost, there will not be any underwater Legendary weapons, though the sixteen other ones you will be able to acquire will each come in six different flavors!

The basic version's model, effects and animations will be themed after Aurene, while the other five will be based on all of the currently known Elder Dragons. Once you've gone through the arduous process of crafting an End of Dragons Legendary item, you'll be able to get all six of its variations by completing an assortment of themed quests.

How complex these quests will be, and whether they will require additional materials, that I'm afraid nobody currently knows. Also, we'll likely have to wait for a fair few months to find out as only the base Aurene version will be available at launch.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Legendary weapon finisher effect

Each of these weapon variants will also come with its own visual effects. So besides the blade itself glowing with dragon magic, you can also expect to see a custom draw animation, custom footfalls, a variety of sparkly particles for relevant skills, as well as finisher-style deathblow animation for kills made with the weapon. In other words, the new weapons will be just as over-the-top and fancy as their predecessors.

Finally, when it comes to the material requirements, the new Legendary items will follow the usual formula. You'll need to first build a precursor weapon (one of which is available for free through the currently ongoing "Return to X" achievements), and then combine it with a whole assortment of expensive items in the Mystic Forge. The full recipe has not been revealed just yet, but needless to say, it'll require a whole bunch of new resources that you can gather yourself, fish up with the new profession, or simply buy off the Trading Post.

You can read a little bit more about these Legendaries, as well as End of Dragons in general, over at the Guild Wars 2 website. Enjoy!