Guild Wars 2 artwork for the huge siege turtle mount

[Update #2]: The Guild Wars 2 team is working on addressing the rather poorly received balance changes.

[Update]: The balance update has now arrived, and as expected, things are a bit messy at the moment.

A few months have gone by since the End of Dragons expansion arrived, and as is to be expected from an MMORPG, the most dominant end-game builds have become quite entrenched. In an effort to shake everything up, as well as to promote both class and specialization diversity, ArenaNet has announced they're planning to release a sizable balance update on June 28th.

To give everyone at least a bit of time to prepare and adjust their builds, the Guild Wars 2 team has also taken this opportunity to release a lengthy preview. So if you're curious what exactly is coming to your favorite characters, you can find the full patch notes over at the Guild Wars 2 website.

As is tradition with pretty much any big Guild Wars 2 update, the changes are all over the place. Some, like the Engineer, have gotten through the update without too much trouble, despite being one of the most popular classes in the current meta. Others, like the Warrior, have received bizarrely misguided changes that will most likely necessitate a follow-up patch to get the class back in to somewhat working condition. Or in other words, it's business as usual with Guild Wars 2!

That said, more changes are already being planned for the future, with the only confirmation so far being buffs to the Ranger's Untamed specialization. So while some of the tweaks might seem odd right now, there's a chance the pieces will all fall into place once the subsequent updates arrive. Why it all couldn't come at the same time though, that I have no idea.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once the updates go live. Until then, have fun brewing up new builds!