Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons artwork for the Virtuoso Mesmer specialization

 [Update #2]: Guild Wars 2's August 2nd patch will fix the recently introduced Warrior and Mesmer problems.

[Update]: Guild Wars 2 will be greatly improving the colossal world bosses with the July 19th update.

In order to sort out some of the balance problems that arrived alongside the End of Dragons expansion, the Guild Wars 2 team released a sizable balance update a short time ago. Unfortunately, while some of the changes were well thought out and left the nerfed classes in a solid position, a fair few also ended up being an absolute disaster. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Warrior class and its team-buffing banners, as they not only are they significantly weaker than before, but they're also significantly more annoying to use now!

To the balance team's credit, they have very quickly acknowledged the complaints and have already announced a series of follow-up updates aimed at correcting the newly introduced problems, and hopefully some of the long-standing ones as well. The first of these updates has already arrived with changes for the Elementalist, Ranger, Revenant and Engineer classes, and while there is still work that needs to be done, this is a very solid first step.

The next batch of balance tweaks will arrive on July 19th along with a buff to the Warrior's damage output, while the big update addressing Warrior banners and the Chronomancer's relatively low damage output will be launching on August 2nd. The exact details are still few and far between, but considering that we'll have to wait almost an entire month, I'm expecting some rather chunky changes.

Whatever the case may be, once the next major update arrives on July 19th I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a little bit more about what caused these problems, as well as what ArenaNet is doing to prevent it from happening again, over at the Guild Wars 2 website. Enjoy!