Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire - A Star To Guide Us screenshot of a branded Dragon

After the slightly disappointing Long Live the Lich update, Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 4 will soon return with Episode 4 - A Star To Guide Us. You can expect to see a brand new map that's quite literally branded by Kralkatorrik, as well as a new raid where we'll get a chance to enter the Mystic Forge and come face to face with the djinn Zommoros. There will also be a new upgradeable armor set, a personal character instance inspired by the original Guild Wars, and naturally, a new Legendary scepter that summons a familiar that will accompany you in battle.

If you're wondering what this looks like in gameplay terms, allow me to share with you the recently posted teaser trailer. Before you dive in, however, just be warned that the video contains some relatively major spoilers for the previous episodes. So if you haven't already completed them, I would highly recommend doing that first. With that little bit of warning now out of the way, here's the video:

Like all previous updates, A Star To Guide Us and all of its accompanying content will be entirely free for everyone that owns the Path of Fire expansion. As for the release date, A Star To Guide Us will be arriving this September 18th.

I would love to tell you more, but that's pretty much all of the currently available information. Once ArenaNet reveals more details I'll make sure to let you know, but given how they've done things in the past I highly doubt we'll be seeing anything else before the update goes live. So if you have some free time, my advice would be to go and finish up all of the Living World Season 4 episodes as they're pretty darn good. Have fun!