Upcoming GTA Online Update brings luxury bases and vehicles

I will be the first to say that I don't enjoy how grindy GTA Online is, especially since its the multiplayer version of a game whose entire core experience is based on mucking about, but its still good seeing them support it with relatively frequent free DLC.

One such update is the upcoming "Executives and other Criminals" which focuses on the more extravagant parts of life, such as private villas and super yachts as upgradeable bases from which you can order your little minions (read other players) around.

One thing I was always incredibly strapped for in GTA Online is cash, kind of like in real life, but with the addition of the bodyguard system some of my problems might be fixed. Particularly rich players can create their own operations which will have access to special coop and pvp jobs for which they will need the firepower of hired bodyguards. So by playing as a bodyguard you can experience some explodey fun while still getting paid for it? Count me in!

The new mansions and super yacht can function as a base of operation for your, well, operation and can be upgraded both in style and deadliness. So while some might be installing new ornaments to their yachts the wise crime bosses will be slapping on as many missile defense systems as the thing can hold. 

Naturally, when you have these very expensive bases there is a real risk someone else might look at you with envious eyes. And indeed this update will allow organizations to go head to head in order to see which one will leave with a big payday, and their lives. If organizations are present in free mode the various random quests around the world will shift toward more organization based ones in order to facilitate some "civil rivalry".

I haven't played GTA Online is a while now but this update seems like the sort of stuff I bought GTA for in the first place so I think this one is at least worth checking out once it finally comes on December 15th.