Limbo screenshot showing the main character and two other people

It has only been a little over a week since the last sale ended, and already GOG is back with yet another batch of discounts. This time around the special occasion is Black Friday, everyone's favorite excuse to act like a total maniac, but unlike GOG's previous sales this one is a bit smaller in scope.

So if you're up for restocking your backlog with some rather solid games, head over to GOG, but do keep in mind that the Black Friday Sale will only last for five days, until November 27. As an added little bonus, if you connect your GOG and Steam accounts together with the aptly named GOG Connect, you will also be able to claim a free copy of Limbo. And for those among you that aren't sure what's worth picking up, allow me to list out a couple of the better deals:

 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (-75%)

 Shadowrun Hong Kong - Extended Edition (-66%)

 Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition (-50%)

• Banished (-75%)

• Trine 1, Trine 2, and maybe Trine 3 if you don't mind the slightly clunky 3D movement (-66%)

If you are only to grab one of these, and you're a fan of story-focused RPGs, then I would most definitely go with Shadowrun Hong Kong. It has an intriguing narrative, some great side-characters, and the combat itself is surprisingly enjoyable. Its a bit on the short side of things and there are a couple of annoyances not present in the previous games, but given the low price tag I think these problems can be easily overlooked. So if you're in to RPGs, consider giving Shadowrun a look. Have fun!