GOG's artwork for the Monstrous Fall Sale

If for some reason you didn't grab enough games to last you a couple of lifetimes during the recent streak of Halloween sales, you'll be glad to hear that GOG has decided to hold yet another one. While the Monstrous Fall Sale doesn't really have much of a theme to it, at least not one as strong as the Halloween Sale, the good news is that the discounts are just as good!

And if you're wondering which games are worth grabbing, you'll find a couple of my suggestions right below. Though as always, its recommended you scour through the sale yourself as you're no doubt going to find something that interests you specifically. Anyway, here's the short list:

Stardew Valley - If you enjoy the Harvest Moon series you'll enjoy Stardew Valley as well given that its pretty much a straight upgrade. For everyone else, its a relaxing "country life simulator" where you'll get to plant crops, chat with the friendly locals, slice up slime in abandoned caves, and pretty much everything else one might do at the farm. It might not sound spectacular now, but once you start playing you won't be able to stop until your farm is the grandest of them all.

The Witcher 3: GOTY Edition - If you're looking for an RPG with mature storytelling and fantastic characters, then look no further than The Witcher 3. This pack also comes bundled with both of the expansions, so when you combine all of it together there is enough 'game' in here to last you well over a hundred hours, even if you aren't keen on sidequests! Since I want to keep this brief I would recommend you head over here if you want to learn why exactly The Witcher 3 is so awesome, but long story short it is something every RPG fan should find to their liking.

Build Your Bundle: Telltale Games - Telltale are masters of adventure game storytelling, and while they've garnered quite a few critics over the years there is no denying how influential their series have become. So if you're up for a whole bunch of games with mature storytelling and downright amazing writing, give this bundle a look. My personal favorites are: The Walking Dead Season 1 & 2, The Wolf Among Us, and surprisingly The Tales From The Borderlands.

Guacamelee - To put it simply, Guacamelee is a Metroidvania action/platformer completely immersed in a Mexican culture, specifically that of Lucha libre wrestling. As such, it has a rather unique art style you won't see in many games out there, a combat system that relies heavily on combos and pummeling your opponents into the ground, as well as a whole bunch of unlockable abilities with which you can further explore the world. So if you're looking for a solid beat 'em up, you can't really go wrong with Guacamelee given its minuscule price tag.

The Monstrous Fall Sale will last until November 13, so don't feel pressured to grab anything right away as there is still well over a week to go. Have fun, and remember, every day brings another batch of discounts with it!